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January 31, 2019
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Garage Doors At Risk As Temperatures Drop

Reprinted from CHICAGO (CBS) – Being prepared for the extreme cold means taking extra precautions when it comes protecting garage doors, tires and even cell phones.

Will Santiago of the Garage Door Group said the cold weather means a boost in calls for garage door repairs.

“Sometimes it’s a struggle, it’s a fight and the concrete wins,” he said. “So the opener is pulling but it won’t so the actual top panel will pull off..”

Santiago explained you can prevent this by keeping the moving parts of the garage lubricated with silicon spray.

Santiago said he expects to get a lot of calls and he is ready.

“If the [garage] opener does not work stop using it just call a professional,” he said.

Smart phones are also affected by the cold. Lithium batteries die quickly if the phone is not kept warm.

Tire pressure is also a concern for drivers as temperatures drop below zero.

“Definitely tire pressure, my lights been on for days I keep filling it with air and it just keeps going back down,” driver Jaclyn Malek said. Electric cars may be impacted most. "The battery capacity gets decreased in the cold and obviously it’s gonna be harder to roll the car when it’s very cold,” Tesla owner Howard Williams said.

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